Jerry Fields has gathered the finest jazz and Latin musicians together to form an ensemble which is truly unique in Atlanta. As the opening act for Latin jazz great Eddie Palmieri, Vecinos del Mundo drew praise from the legendary pianist. " Vecinos del Mundo played a great set." "They are very exciting!" (5\22\99) Tomas Algarin, the host of WCLK's Latin Aura, was equally impressed. After airing a cut from the group's self-titled demo CD, the Latin from Manhattan(Algarin) had these words to say: "Never before has Latin jazz of such high caliber been produced locally." "Vecinos del Mundo plays intensely." "Vecinos del Mundo plays musically," and best of all, "Vecinos del Mundo grooves!"
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Combining the sophisticated melodies and harmonies of jazz with the syncopated rhythms of the Afro-Cuban tradition, Vecinos del Mundo creates music which is technically rich and infinitely danceable.